Wwu Club Sports Requirements

League sports are an opportunity for you and your team to play once a week for each week of the quarterback. Your team has 5-6 weeks to play one game per week and then the opportunity to be added to a playoff tournament in the last 2 weeks of the season. You must register and pay $70 per team for league sports at the beginning of each term in order to participate. The payment of your club dues is now possible online! Click here to access the sports club`s online payment page to pay by credit card. This allocation process is based on a percentage compliance structure. The compliance structure is based on the completion of a task. Each club ends the year with a percentage of its degree of achievement, which determines the amount allocated. All remaining funds go into an emergency fund, which all clubs can apply for throughout the year to cover league and travel costs. Instead of a separate travel subsidy, clubs must budget their stipend to cover the cost of the trip/car rental. However, there will be a separate scholarship to cover league costs and association fees. If your team leader submits their travel booking request form on WIN, there is a place to request the use of the van.

Sending this request does NOT guarantee a reservation by Sport Club Van. The sports club office will inform you if it has authorized your use. If there are several requests for a weekend, it depends on the distance traveled, the number of people who travel and the number of times you have already obtained the use of the van to give all sports clubs the opportunity to use it. The mission of Western Washington University`s Sport Clubs program is to encourage individual leadership through group participation. Campus Recreation Services is committed to providing resources to members of the campus community who strive to achieve their goals both academically and through their participation in the sports club. Using an adopted name to participate in an intramural sport is a violation of the code of honor. Any team that uses a player with a false name automatically loses competitions and receives an unacceptable athletic rating. The player and team will be disqualified from the remainder of the competition until they meet with the intramural coordinator. At least one representative from each team must attend the meeting. If they are unable to attend, they should schedule a catch-up meeting with Emily or Caitlin within 48 hours of the missed meeting. All meetings are held in the Wade King CBC boardroom. Unjustified absences from the club`s management are noted and may lead to a reduction in allowances for the following year.

Unjustified repeated absences will result in probation or suspension for the team itself. If they don`t know if they should stay on the team, you can ask them to complete one of the suspension of liability agreements. After a few weeks, they must complete their registration with DSE by going to this link: wp.wwu.edu/campusrec/sportclublogin/. We hire and promote at the end/beginning of each quarter. If you are interested in sports, develop conflict management and customer service skills and are part of the hobby family, read more: Are you interested in participating in a club sport as a WVU student? We currently offer 25 active sports clubs here at WWU in a variety of sports and activities, so chances are we`ll get you covered. Visit our Active Sports Clubs page for a list of websites, contact information and social media pages for each team. If you wish to obtain a driver`s license for a 12-passenger van (Enterprise or Sport Club Van), please email sportsclubs@wwu.edu to be added to the WWU Sport Club Canvas page. Once you`ve accepted the request to add to the course on Canvas, review the PowerPoint for 12-passenger cars and take the appropriate quiz. You must pass the quiz 100%. Once that`s done, you`ll send Emily a new email asking her to be added to the college course for 12 passenger cars: Driving Large Vans. Sure! It is additional training that is REQUIRED. This is a 4-part course with a PowerPoint presentation, quiz and two condition forms that must be printed, completed and signed by each driver and Caitlin Sommers.

The Sport Club program exists to provide competitive intercollegiate opportunities for student-athletes in certain sports. We will only consider sports that the university does not already offer as university sports. If you`d like to suggest a new sport, be sure to research if there`s a college club system you can compete in and which schools in the local Pacific Northwest region support a team. If you have any further questions about the sports we would consider, please email the Sports Club Coordinator. Most sports clubs recruit new members at the beginning of the fall term, but some accept new members at any time of the year. For more information about a particular club, contact names, email addresses, and links to team sites are available on that site via the Active Teams link. You don`t have to be a sports expert to participate. Some clubs have tryouts for an «A» team, but some have «B» teams that allow for different levels of competition and participation. Many clubs will work with you to develop your skills to become a more competitive player in the future. Are you currently a member of a WWU sports club? Visit our Student Resources page for important documents, rules, and forms related to your team.

Not all sports clubs require you to be a Western Washington University student, but most clubs must follow their club membership policies regarding membership and credit status. For more information on a particular club, refer to the guided tour above. Below are examples of all forms used by sports clubs.



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