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To learn more, visit us at www.optimalegal.co.uk legal service providers to advise clients on the real estate and mortgage markets. The company`s offering includes contract negotiations, legal claims and dispute resolution for property-related transactions, allowing clients to benefit from sound advice. My experience in dealing with Optima Legal is fantastic. Everything is finished during the forecasts. Keeps abreast of all areas. Everything that was done on my side seemed effortless, but I know that a lot was invested by the team that made this happen for me. Optima Legal is an established and innovative independent law firm with 37 years` experience working successfully with the financial services sector in the UK, enabling it to support over 4 million clients through a full range of legal services, including remortgage services and later lending. Our legal expertise is based on strong operational excellence, corporate governance and responsible business strategies, and our commitment to the legal real estate market and excellent client service means we offer truly differentiated legal services that combine the latest technology, excellent people and process innovation to provide our clients, clients and intermediaries of modern, world-class legal services. We specialise in providing technology-based legal estate services, helping nearly 200,000 clients with their mortgage and property transactions each year and are proud to negotiate for 17 of the UK`s best-known financial services brands. The whole experience from start to finish seemed less and went very well, lots of updates. Excellent service. This is an overview of the profile of the PitchBook platform. PitchBook`s non-financial metrics help you measure a company`s traction and growth through its web presence and social reach.

I`ve never had a company that has the «computer says no» attitude as bad as this company. They were working on my mortgage and my banking mistake told them never to use it again. You can`t talk to a representative if they`re not proactively getting things done. They will wait 14 days for an answer, and then, when they get it, they will propose something else and wait again and so on. I never got a reminder even though I called every day for 2 weeks. This information is available on the PitchBook platform. To explore Optima`s full profile, request access. You really have to think long and hard about using these guys. Social workers refuse to answer calls, customer services «if you can call it that» refuse to provide email addresses to social workers.

They always apologize for how Covid limits their ability to work and makes things longer (come on, guys; it`s just a bad excuse and obviously wrong on every level). I asked the same thing 3 times in 3 weeks to the «invisible» social worker and STILL no answer. No phone calls, and more importantly, the request has STILL not been processed. Currently still «hold» after 35 minutes of trying to pass. His service was shockingly poor. From start to finish, the service was excellent and very quick to do. The only negative was a bit of a problem with the mortgage protection policy, as I felt pressured to accept it. I would recommend this company to others. I wish there was a zero-star option. I am currently in the process of extending my mortgage. I submitted all the documents at the end of August and we are now at the end of September and I have not received a response by the completion date. I may not complete my renewal due to Optima Legal`s non-communication.

You have this message on the file review dashboard, which is expected to be completed by August 12, 2022. We are now at 20. September 22 and this work is still ongoing, and no completion date has been set while we are a few days away from the expiry of my current mortgage rate. In addition, there is no communication with my mortgage professional and me or even on the portal please do not use this company and avoid at all costs. Absolutely fantastic. Remortgage was so easy and stress-free. I would use Optima 100% again – their process is very smooth. Not very good at all so far! I really regret not finding my own lawyers for my mortgage – please follow my advice and find yours. Apparently they are waiting for HM Land Regristry and check regularly, I spoke to HM Land Regristry today and they confirmed that all this was done a month ago! So what`s the stop? It`s another month, at least I`m paying over £500 for a mortgage whose interest rates are rising almost every month. Also, the person I spoke to on the phone today, we couldn`t understand each other – and I don`t think she had a clue what she was doing seemed nice enough, but with customer service like this, it`s shocking. I`m really worried and worried now that something as important as a mortgage is in their hands.

They also do not respond to messages on the portal. Never use this company if you can avoid it. Building societies and banks should stop using them if they value their customers. They made a mistake to take out my mortgage and everything could fall by now. Unable to reach someone who helps – the construction company does not pass either. Your portal is confusing and inaccurate. You don`t want to end up in that situation. The worst service I`ve ever received from a company, not just lawyers. I asked them to make a net worth and mortgage transfer on my property, it took over 4 months instead of the planned 4-6 weeks! The only reason I managed to close before my mortgage offer expired was because I was spamming the portal mailbox with 60 messages a day. I downloaded all my documents on time, but they don`t do anything with them unless you pursue them.



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