Which Best Describes the Trilogy Definition of a Crisis

The trilogy definition of crisis is the ABC of crisis. It indicates that there are three different parts of the crisis. The first part, A, is the event that happens to the client that causes them anxiety or stress and overloads them beyond their ability to cope with it. An example of this can be when someone has a loss due to a catastrophic event. I`ve recently seen people lose their homes in fires in Northern California, and they`ve been stressed to the max to cope. Another example is the person who has lost his job and cannot pay his bills. In the small county where I live, there are many people to whom this has happened and who are being pushed into a state of crisis in these times. The second step in the Defining Crisis Event trilogy is the B, which represents the person`s perception of the event. In the case of the person who is overworked, it is a perception that does not help him to cope with it, as in the case of the person who lost his house in a fire.

This person had seen their houses burn. They lost their pet and could not see the light. They thought the insurance wouldn`t pay and they could never rebuild. In the case of the person who had lost his job, they were very worried about losing their home as well, but because they could not afford it. They only knew that they would not get help from anyone and that they would be out in a few days. It was the end of the line for her and she and her children were starving. The third part of the trilogy defines the crisis is that of overload or C due to the failure of normal methods of adaptation. This happens when the person who lost their home was unable to think rationally about their situation. They were generally level-headed and could normally see things clearly. In this case, the overwhelming stress disrupted the normal mechanisms and they were unable to look at the event rationally.

They were in crisis. In the case of the person who lost their job, they could normally have used the job and some savings as an alternative in case something happened. They were out of work and we could no longer rely on this normal daily routine and the person was no longer able to function to help their family get back on their feet in any way. The trilogy definition of crisis is a key to the service worker to help him understand how to get the client out of the crisis and bring him back to a functional level. This is done by understanding the customer`s perception of the event and guiding them to change that perception so that they can function again and grow with the event. This is the most important help to put the customer back in crisis free mode.



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